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Made in the UK. Strong, stretchy rubber strap with a good quality clip that won't some undone easily. Fits from a small childs boot to adult. Available in Brown or Black. Sold as a pair

Battery operated trimmer. Light, small and quiet. Close trimming blade. Can be easily concealed in the hand for nervous animals. Ideal for trimming face, ears and paws. Kit includes 2 attachment combs, clipper oil, cleaning brush, 1AA battery, blade guard and instruction booklet.

Teaches children the ideal hand position when learning to ride.

Improved fit, now in Lycra™ A riding glove designed to assist children to improve their hand position.

The riding gloves clearly show that when their thumb is on top they see the ‘thumbs up’ icon.

The gloves also feature L and R lettering, which aid the child during a busy lesson, when they have so much to remember, when left and right are easily forgotten but often crucial to avoid turning the wrong way.

Available in ages: 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 years

A beautiful soft, quality Engllish leather girth, made with added cushioning to distribute any pressure and prevent chafing. The girth is subtly contoured to ensure the most comfortable fit and freedom of movement for your horse, avoiding restriction at the elbows. Both ends are split to aid the stability of the saddle and enable easier fastening to the point and balance straps with one end being elasticated. Fitted with durable stainless steel roller buckles. Easy to clean, just wipe away excess grease and dirt.leather, contoured fit to allow . Made in the UK. Available in sizes from 36" - please specify size required when ordering. Black or Havana Brown available

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